i n t r o d u c t i o n t o t h e a r t i s t


Born and raised in the outskirts of Atlanta, Raina Verhey was influenced at an early age by the huge forests, deep-seated cultural complexity, and the literary guidance of being classically educated at home. The eldest of five, and the daughter of two creatives, Raina was exposed at an early age to the tension of embracing what is raw and gritty, while finding a place in a world of expectation and clean lines.

Art came to her in her late teens, unexpected and personal. Living in California, at the height of depression and suicidal thoughts, Raina took up the pen - and the world was subject to her indentations. Abstract "scribbles" became the written language for what she felt but could not say, and slowly, as she grew, so did the expression.

After finding solace in the woods of Sisters, Oregon, she sought out color and texture. Oil paint became a medium of healing and safety, a place to wrestle with the unknown, but see it through to the proverbial morning.

Raina is now a full-time painter, and entertains themes of endurance, tension, hope, and the signature rising sun. Call it emotional impressionism, or abstract landscape, she hopes it brings up in the viewer feelings of resilience, tenacity, and comfort.

She now lives in Central Oregon with her boyfriend and their pup, continuously growing her craft and dedicating herself to the work of an art-forward life.

For inquiry, please reach out to rainaverhey@gmail.com.